Snow Blocker Installation

If you’re a Fort Collins home or business owner, then you know that snow can be a big problem for your roof. Without snow blockers to keep the snow in place, it can slide off your roof, causing a dangerous avalanche. The Fort Collins Gutter Pros are experts in everything to do with your home gutter system, so we can install snow guards that will keep your home and gutters safe.

Snow Blocker Installation Fort Collins

Why Are Snow Guards Necessary?

In areas that receive a lot of snow, like Colorado, homes and businesses need protection from snow buildup in their gutters and possible snow avalanches on their roofs. This problem is particularly acute for metal roofs, on which snow melts more easily, causing it to slide off. Snow guards come in different shapes or sizes and are meant to keep the snow on the roof, so it doesn’t slide into the gutter or worse – onto people passing by outside.

Snow blockers are a safety measure and a necessity for homes and buildings in regions that have a lot of snowfall. Installing snow guards isn’t so simple a task, though. The guards must be arranged in a certain pattern if they’re to be effective. For proper snow guard installation, you need to know your roof pitch, snow load rating, and then use a spacing calculator to put them in the right spots. And that’s all before you’ve even climbed up onto the roof to screw them in! That’s why it’s best left to professionals like the Fort Collins Gutter Pros to properly install snow blockers.

Types of Snow Blockers

Snow guards come in different styles and materials, which are suited to different types of roofs. Some common styles are:

  • Unitized or discontinuous – Also known as snow cleats or pad-style snow guards, discontinuous snow blockers are installed in a pattern on your roof to slow down snow migration.
  • Continuous – Also known as rail-type, snow fences, or snow rails, these snow blockers comprise brackets attached to the roof and cross-members that restrain the sliding snow.

Snow blockers come in a variety of materials as well:

  • Aluminum with stainless hardware
  • Brass alloys
  • Anodized aluminum

Picking out the right snow guards can be complicated! Thankfully, when you call us, we can advise you on the best type of snow guards for your roof. We’ll also install them promptly, so your home is ready for the next big snowfall of the season.

Metal Roof Snow Guards

Snow blockers should be installed on metal roofs because these types of roofs pose a greater risk of sliding snow. Many Fort Collins homeowners and businesses opt for metal roofs because it’s a great heat conductor. But there’s a downside to a metal roof’s heating capabilities. While a metal roof can keep a structure below it warm, it can also melt the snow sitting on top of it.

As the snow melts, it breaks up and starts sliding off the slick, metal roof. Snow can then land in and get stuck in gutters, causing damage. The snow can also slide off the roof, creating a hazardous avalanche situation. The Fort Collins Gutter Pros will arrange snow guards in the optimal pattern on your metal roof so that the snow stays put.

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