Rain Chains

Does your downspout make too much noise when it rains? Would you like a more aesthetically pleasing solution to diverting the rainwater from your gutters? Then you should consider installing a rain chain on the exterior of your home.

Many folks in Fort Collins have started using rain chains instead of traditional downspouts, favoring their appearance and quieter sound. The Fort Collins Gutter Pros are experts when it comes to rain chains and we can construct one that’s perfectly suited to your home.

Rain Chains Fort Collins

What Are Rain Chains Used For?

Originating in Japan, rain chains are an alternative to traditional gutter downspouts. Constructed as a series of chain links, cups, and round objects and hung from the end of a gutter, rain chains collect water runoff and let it flow down onto the ground. Some Fort Collins homeowners also direct their rain chains into a container to collect rainwater and use it later.

Rain chains can be an efficient method for mitigating water runoff, but they’re also popular for their decorative or ambient purposes. They come in many different styles and produce a calming, trickling water noise.

Rain Chains for Aesthetic Effect

Although not originally intended for decoration, rain chains have developed over time to become decorative additions to a home’s exterior. With so many unique rain chain options, homeowners can easily find one that suits their design aesthetic. People will often place their rain chains near a window, so they can watch the water dripping down the chain.

In addition to their pleasant appearance, rain chains create a peaceful, waterfall-like sound. Many homeowners install rain chains to replace the annoying sound that traditional downspouts make. The Fort Collins Gutter Pros can craft a rain chain specifically for your home, with a design that you prefer. We’ll also install the rain chain for you, to ensure that runoff water is collected properly.

Efficiency: Rain Chains vs Downspouts

Rain chains aren’t just aesthetic replacements for downspouts, they’re efficient too. While downspouts are usually constructed to be hidden away, rain chains are made to be seen. That means that they don’t have to be routed back closer to the building on their way to the ground, like downspouts do. Rain chains can be installed at a safe distance away from a home’s foundation.

Rain chains help manage the flow of water from the gutter toward the ground or into a container. They also require less cleaning than downspouts, which may collect leaves and debris around their edges. Rain chains pair well with seamless gutters and leaf screens, creating an optimal debris-free gutter system for your Fort Collins home. In this way, rain chains are more efficient than downspouts.

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