Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Installation in Fort Collins, CO

In Colorado, it’s now legal to collect rainwater on your residential property for private use. Many Fort Collins homeowners have started taking advantage of this law, collecting rainwater for their gardens, lawns, or extra use in their homes.

If you’re interested in a sustainable rainwater collection system for your Fort Collins home, then we can help you out. We’ll advise you on the best rain barrel for your home and integrate it into your gutter system. You want a rainwater barrel that matches your garden aesthetic? Or perhaps an underground rainwater collection system to free up limited yard space? Whatever your needs, the Fort Collins Gutter Pros will work with you to meet them.

Rain Barrels Fort Collins

How Do Rain Barrels Work?

Rain barrels harvest rainwater that you can use in your garden or save for odd jobs like washing your car. They’re designed to catch the rainwater that flows from your home’s gutters. Depending on the type of rain barrel you choose, you can connect it to your gutter system in one of three ways:

  • Rain barrel gutter attachment
  • Rainwater gutter diverter kit
  • Flexible downspout tubing

Water will run from your gutters through an opening at the top of the barrel, filling it up. Once it’s full, you can use the water you’ve harvested. Rain barrels come with a spigot near the bottom, which is where you collect the water from. If you attach a hose, keep in mind that rain barrels don’t have pumps, so water can’t flow uphill.

How Fast Do Rain Barrels Fill Up?

You’d be surprised how quickly a rain barrel can become full! The time it takes to fill up depends on the size of your rain barrel. You also need to factor in the size of your roof. Typically, a half-inch of rain collected from a 200 square-foot section of a roof will fill a 60-gallon rain barrel in just one day.

If a rain barrel fills up so quickly, it also begs the question – do rain barrels overflow? It will depend on your home’s particular set up, but if you have a rain barrel gutter attachment or rainwater gutter diverter kit, you’re much more likely to avoid flooding. When the Fort Collins Gutter Pros come to your home to install your new rain barrel, we’ll ensure you have the proper materials to keep your barrel from overflowing. We’ll also stay onsite until you’re confident you know how to use your new rainwater collection system.

Sustainable Water Use

Harvesting rainwater promotes sustainability and can help you cut down on your water bill. By installing a rain barrel at your Fort Collins home, you can contribute to reduced water usage in our community. If you already have a sophisticated gutter system in place, why not take advantage of it by integrating a rain barrel?

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