Heat Tape Installation

Fort Collins Heat Tape Installation

Living in an area that experiences below-freezing temperatures, like Colorado, requires extra considerations for your roof and gutter systems. One such consideration is heat tape. Designed to prevent ice dams on your roof, heat tape is a viable option for Fort Collins homeowners who want to protect their roofs and keep their gutter systems safe from damage.

The Fort Collins Gutter Pros have heat tape installation experts who can safely outfit your home or business with heat tape.

Heat Tape Installation Fort Collins

How Does Heat Tape Work?

When the rainwater on your roof starts freezing due to low temperatures, it can create ice dams. These ice dams prevent water from flowing properly off your roof and into your gutter system, causing buildup and potential damage. Heat tape is cable filled with heated metal coils, which we install on your roof or in your gutters to prevent ice dams.

Does heat tape use a lot of electricity?

The amount of energy that heat cables consume depends on how much cable you have and the type you choose. Constant wattage heat tape stays the same temperature the whole time they’re switched on, no matter how cold it is outside. Self-regulating heat tape, which is more highly recommended by experts, adapts its temperature to outside conditions. Consequently, self-regulating tape uses less electricity than constant wattage. If you install thermostatically controlled heat tape, you can switch it on and off from your thermostat, giving you complete control over your energy use.

How Long Does Heat Tape Last?

When used properly – remembering to switch the heat tape off in warmer months, for example – heat cables can last between 3-5 years. The total duration also depends on which kind you install, as some will last longer than others.

The Fort Collins Gutter Pros only uses the highest-quality heat tape that will effectively fight ice dams on your home’s roof. When you call us for heat tape installation, you can rest assured the job will be done right.

Our Heat Tape Installation Services

Heat tape can either be installed on your roof or along the inside of your gutters. The Fort Collins Gutter Pros can determine which solution is best for your structure and we’ll have it installed and running in no time.

  • Heat Tape Installation for Roofs – Heat tape can be wired directly onto your roof’s shingles, usually near the edge of the roof. In this spot, the heat tape is most effective against ice dams, making the best pathway for rainwater to flow into your gutters. Heat tape is more efficient when installed near the roof’s edge, saving you money on electricity.
  • Heat Tape Installation for Gutters – We can also install heat tape along the length of your gutters. Heat tape tends to be more effective in your gutters since aluminum is a better heat conductor than roof shingles. We’ll also apply the heat tape to your downspouts, to ensure that rainwater passes through your gutter system like it’s supposed to.

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