Gutter Guards & Leaf Screens

Gutter Guards and Leaf Screens for Fort Collins, CO Homes

Protecting large debris like leaves from falling into your gutters can cut down on gutter system maintenance. With the right gutter guard, you won’t have to climb up on a ladder and pull out all the debris that’s clogged in your gutters nearly as often.

The Fort Collins Gutter Pros are gutter experts, so we know which type of leaf screen or gutter guard system will work best for your home. We’ll have your new gutter guards promptly and securely installed, so you have one less home improvement project to worry about.

Gutter Guards and Leaf Screens Fort Collins

Do Gutter Guards Work?

Most gutter guards and leaf screens are effective at keeping debris out of your gutter. Your goal is spending less time cleaning out your gutters, or avoiding overly clogged gutters, and most gutter guards perform well in this function.

How well they work depends on the type of gutter guard or leaf screen you get, however. Some block almost all the debris that could fall into your gutter, but they tend to be pricier. Others are more suited to commercial properties or don’t do well against heavy rainfall. Gutter guards protect your gutter from debris, but only if you install the right ones.

Different Types of Gutter Guards and Leaf Screens

The type of gutter guard or leaf screen you need depends on several factors. Some materials don’t perform as well in colder temperatures, others require attaching to your shingles for installation. When we advise you on the gutter guards your home needs, we’ll take all these aspects into consideration so we can suggest the perfect gutter protection for you. There are five main types of gutter guards and leaf screens available:

  • Screen – Simple leaf screens are the easiest type of gutter guard to install, but the holes in the screen aren’t small enough to keep out seeds or pine needles.
  • Micro Mesh – A micro mesh leaf guard is a stainless steel screen that fits over the top of your gutter, attached underneath your roof’s shingles. It keeps most debris out of your gutters but is more difficult to install.
  • Brush – A brush made of steel and polypropylene rests snugly inside your gutter, allowing water to flow and drain properly into your gutters while keeping leaves out. Brushes work well as gutter guards because they’re highly adaptable.
  • Foam – Foam filters are cost-effective and simple to install, but they could become jammed with seeds and needles. Sometimes, the seeds that get stuck in the foam sprout and start growing.
  • Perforated Metal – Aluminum gutter guards with small perforations are the most cost-effective choice for protecting your gutters, but they’re not suited to all types of gutters.

Cleaning Gutters with Gutter Guards and Leaf Screens

Although gutter guards and leaf screens reduce the amount of debris that falls into your gutter, you still need to clean your gutters occasionally. The most effective way to clean them is by feeding your water hose through the gutters and letting the water run the length of the gutters, flushing them out.

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